Removing the blackbox

First of all this tutorial is for those who want want to make their own sixthsense device and are facing the issue of a black box that appears when they try to run it i.e where some part of the screen is covered with a black box.

If you don't know what's sixthsense is but still want to make the device ,then  go here

And if you're one of those who are following my previous tutorials and have this problem and wanna get it fixed then guys this tutorial is for you :

1. You'll need Microsoft visual studios to remove the blackbox. So download and install it

2.Click on the WUW01.sln file ( In the folder named "Code" )

 3.Click on WUW.cs ( Highlighted area ) & do as written in the pic.

 4.Right click the black box which is present in the extreme left.  

 5.Click on the option send to back and it gets hidden.    

 6.But by doing so you will not be able to use the newspaper app... 

 I hope this Tutorial was was easy for you to follow. If you faced difficulties following the tutorial you can even follow the video below :