Sixthsense Installation (32 Bit users)

Before starting with the installation , I would suggest you to download the code from Github.

(Link: )

Here's a tutorial to run the software and configure it.


1.A windows computer/Laptop (I have not tried it in any other OS)
2.A camera (You can also use your laptop camera )
3.Projector (Not necessary ;  You can even use your Monitor for interaction)
4. Colour markers (Red,Yellow,Blue &Green)
5.Essential softwares:
   -Direct X
   -Visual studios
   -Adobe Flash player (active x) 
   -MS Outlook
6.Internet Connection ( Many apps require Internet connection)

Lets get started !

1. After downloading the code from Github, uncompressed the zip file to any location in your computer (Ex: F:\sixthsense-sixthsense-4e155fc)
2. Now open MS Outlook. ( For running the Mail app,without outlook you may get errors )
3.Now click on WUW01 ( As shown below)


4.A Window appears (shown below).Now click F5 to debug it.(Make sure you're connected to the internet)


5.A Black window appears as (shown in Fig. 3). There are certain options like camera,Tokens and apps 



Here you can select the camera you want to use from the drop down options (If you are having multiple cameras you can select from those option or if you have single camera it will automatically start capturing )
You can also adjust your camera settings (Brightness,contrast,..etc) by clicking on "Adjust Camera Properties".

-Tokens :

Click the "New Marker" button, you will see the camera flickering 3 times, during this period you will have to position your hands (with markers) in front of the camera, on the 3rd flicker you will have a still image.

Now simply drag the mouse over the markers with small circles that should only cover the part of the marker,repeat this process four times for the four markers (M,N,O & P). Check the video below:


You can also follow this tutorial ( )


 Add the colour markers in the order : Red ,Yellow ,Blue  & Green
-Right hand markers : Red (M) on index finger  & Yellow (N) on thumb
-Left hand markers : Blue (O) on  index finger  &Green (P) on thumb

Some of the apps are:

-Test :
You can see whether the four markers are being tracked and moving while you are moving those particular markers that is on the fingers.

-Draw :

The red marker (M) draws when the yellow marker (N) is hidden.When both the markers are visible you can move the mouse pointer to select different colours or eraser,etc


Make a square frame with your fingers and when the countdown starts remove you hands from the camera frame to capture the desired photo. (The countdown lasts for 3 secs )

-Top fingers : Yellow with blue
-Bottom fingers : green with red

check out this tutorial for how to install sixthsense on windows 64bit

 I hope this Tutorial was was easy for you to follow. Any problems I'll be happy to help.  


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